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We set out to make surveillance and audio-visual installation hassle-free and efficient.

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Transmission Solutions

SC&T products are used in government agencies, schools, airports, roads, offices, data analysis centers, monitoring centers, factories, and any fields requiring professional audiovisual transmission.


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We are motivated to communicate with users to create intelligent and user-friendly products.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

Original Equipment Manufacturing & Electronic Manufacturing Services


OEM/EMS by Professional Audiovisual Equipment Manufacturer.
Original Design Manufacturing


ODM by Professional Audiovisual Equipment Manufacturer.
Joint Design Manufacturing


JDM service provided by Professional Audiovisual Equipment Manufacturer.

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Tutorial Videos

We are passionate about sharing our experiences in the industry with our partners.

Frustrated with products that don’t meet your needs?

SC&T recognizes this issue and wants to collaborate more closely with our partners. We welcome feedback from users, integrators, distributors, and anyone who has never worked with us before: Complete our survey in 3-5 minutes, and you could receive samples from our design stage. Let’s discuss product specifications and market trends to create a product tailored to your market, needs, and values.

【4K@60Hz HDMI KVM Switch】 Product Development Survey
Product Development Survey

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