USB KVM Extender over Ethernet/Fiber

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In response to the increasing demand for remote control, AV KVM extenders, including HDMI USB extenders, DisplayPort KVM extenders, VGA USB extenders, and more, have become essential for professional audiovisual integration.

A high-quality USB KVM extender will help you maintain stable control over remote devices while saving costs on subsequent maintenance and equipment replacement.

KVM Extender for Remote Control

In work environments such as healthcare facilities and financial control centers, it is common to have a significant number of computer equipment stored in central server rooms. KVM extenders serve as a valuable solution, enabling workers to control devices from remote locations.

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In healthcare facilities and financial control centers, KVM extenders are used to control devices in server rooms from remote locations.
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In healthcare facilities and financial control centers, KVM extenders are used to control devices in server rooms from remote locations.

HDMI KVM Extender/DisplayPort/DVI/VGA Features

HDBaseT 4K uncompressed resolution.
HDMI KVM Extender, DisplayPort KVM Extender, VGA KVM Extender, and DVI Extender Series.

Comprehensive Video Signals & Resolutions

SC&T KVM extenders offer a wide range of options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and DVI, and also 4K KVM extenders and 1080P versions to choose from, catering to different requirements of signals, resolutions, and transmission distances.

KVM over Ethernet cable; Cat5 KVM Extender; Cat6; UTP.

KVM over Ethernet/Fiber

KVM extension requirements can range from several meters to 60km. SC&T KVM Extenders provide both fiber and Ethernet cables (Cat5/5e, Cat6) to satisfy different distance requirements, such as fiber KVM extenders for long-range transmission and KVM extenders over Ethernet that can send HDMI and USB over Cat6.

Plug and Use, No Setup

SC&T KVM extenders can be used without complex configurations. Simply connect the devices, and they are ready to use without the tedious setup steps.

USB KVM Extender; KVM Extender Fiber.
4K KVM Extender, HDMI Extender with Mouse, no latency.

Zero Latency / Non-Visible Latency

Choose SC&T's HDBaseT KVM extenders for seamless and zero-latency transmission. Apart from HDBaseT, other SC&T KVM extenders use Taiwanese chipsets with a latency of only 16ms, approximately 1/20 to 1/30 of H.264 and H.265 technologies, and virtually imperceptible to the human eye.

SC&T KVM Extender Series


Healthcare environments use HDMI/KVM extenders to expand audio-visual system.

Healthcare Facilities

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Baking uses KVM extenders to monitor multiple devices.

Financial Centers

KVM extender manufacturer, supplying government projects.

Government Projects

Precise Manufacturing

Industrial Production

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Trusted ProAV/CCTV Manufacturer

With over 20 years of experience, SC&T has developed and produced over 300 CCTV and ProAV products. As a manufacturer with expertise in system integration, SC&T KVM Extender Solution provides you with comprehensive options for KVM extenders and excellent consulting services.

Stable and Excellent Quality

SC&T conducts rigorous quality control and testing to ensure stable quality and reduce the need for maintenance and reinstallation. Our global customer complaint rate is below 0.1% in 2022, as we understand that integrators seek professional suppliers to save manpower and time on verification. 

After-Sales Service and Product Warranty

SC&T has extensive experience in assisting with system integration projects. If you want to consult about project requirements or encounter any difficulties with the product operation, you can contact SC&T's FAE engineers. In addition, a two-year product warranty comes with our products.

Detailed Cable Usage Guide

Users often face issues with underperforming extenders due to unsuitable cables. SC&T provides detailed cable usage suggestions and corresponding extension distances in the user manual, allowing you to select the correct cables.

KVM Extender over IP for Matrix Switching & Extension

If your large-scale project requires KVM IP extenders with switching, splitting, and video walls, consider SC&T's AV/KVM over IP Solution. SC&T AV/KVM over IP system can integrate HDMI, VGA, and DVI signals for seamless switching between old and new devices with resolutions up to 4K@30Hz within the same Over IP system.


Check out our 4K IP KVM extender solution with HDMI/VGA/DVI integration:

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