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Transmission Solutions

SC&T products are used in government agencies, schools, airports, roads, offices, data analysis centers, monitoring centers, factories, and any fields requiring professional audiovisual transmission.


Featured Products

We are motivated to communicate with users to create intelligent and user-friendly products.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions

Original Equipment Manufacturing & Electronic Manufacturing Services


OEM/EMS by Professional Audiovisual Equipment Manufacturer.

SC&T provides complete product services, leveraging either your or our design, along with our raw material procurement. We also help you with inventory management, supply chain management, quality checks, and product maintenance.

With vast experience in contract manufacturing and diverse product types, we provide comprehensive, high-quality services that expedite the launch of your top-quality products.

Original Design Manufacturing


ODM by Professional Audiovisual Equipment Manufacturer.

SC&T designs and manufactures equipment that meets your market specifications and needs with our core technologies. Our rich experience, wide range of solutions, strong communication skills, and independent research and development capabilities allow us to offer services that stand out in the market.

A professional R&D team and experienced FAEs save you valuable time through genuine and in-depth communication.

Joint Design Manufacturing


JDM service provided by Professional Audiovisual Equipment Manufacturer.

SC&T's transmission technology can be applied to various industries beyond audio-visual integration. We can assist you in designing transmission solutions for a wide range of equipment. We have JDM experience across different industries, including healthcare, aviation, and industrial control.

We leverage expertise to connect different industry applications to reduce your research costs and burdens, optimizing the efficiency of your specialized projects.

Industry Knowledgebase & Case Studies

We consistently share the latest industry knowledge, case studies, and tutorial videos with our partners. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive practical applications and professional insights.

Tutorial Videos

We are passionate about sharing our experiences in the industry with our partners.

Are you tired of suppliers offering products that don’t meet your needs?

SC&T recognizes this issue and wants to collaborate more closely with our partners. We welcome feedback from users, integrators, distributors, and anyone who has never worked with us before: Complete our survey in 3-5 minutes, and you could receive samples from our design stage. Let’s discuss product specifications and market trends to create a product tailored to your market, needs, and values.

【4K@60Hz HDMI KVM Switch】 Product Development Survey
Product Development Survey

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