HDMI® Extender



SC&T HDMI Extender series features models that use different transmission technologies and cables.

HDMI over CatX

HDMI over Cat5e, HDMI over Cat6 or higher extenders, and HDMI wall-plate extenders.

HDBaseT HDMI Extender

Use an HDBaseT transmitter to send audio/video, Ethernet, control signals, and USB simultaneously, ideal for data transfer, remote surveillance, and KVM. SC&T HDBT extenders range from HDBaseT 2.0 to HDBaseT 3.0, tailored to your needs.

HDMI over IP Extender

With HDMI over Ethernet technology, you can use a network switch to easily split and switch the extended HDMI source. Use Daisy-chain models for video displays in large venues, cruise ships, and more.

HDMI over Fiber

Use fiber to transmit long-range HDMI signals. SC&T HDMI fiber extenders come in compact and professional versions. Use single-mode optical fiber with SFP+ module to reach a maximum of 60 km.

HDMI over Coax

Transmit HDMI over coaxial cables without replacing the old coaxial cables with Ethernet cables.HDMI Repeater - Stabilize HDMI signals and reduce signal attenuation and interference with HDMI signal repeaters.

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