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Use an IP/PoE Extender/Repeater for Quality Ethernet Extension

Usually, an extender is used to lengthen the transmission distance of CCTV cameras. When the extended length exceeds the maximum, the signal quality will degrade significantly. Common Ethernet cables used by LANs set up in companies and homes only have a short transmission distance of 100m.

In these cases, an IP/PoE extender/repeater can help maintain the signal quality and retransmit the signal for a longer distance.

Why You Need an IP/PoE Extender & Ethernet Repeater

How to extend a local area network via an Ethernet repeater

LAN Extension

A 100m transmission of ethernet cables falls short for large local area networks in locations like university campuses, commercial buildings, and residential buildings. This is when an IP/PoE repeater can be used to help with ethernet extension.

How to extend IP cameras and PoE cameras using an IP PoE extender & PoE repeater

IP/PoE Camera Extension

IP/PoE cameras are often used with network switches, and an extender/repeater can extend the distance between cameras and switches. SC&T's IP/PoE extender/repeater series have both IP and PoE extension versions.

Use HDMI over IP, KVM over IP extender with an Ethernet repeater for longer distance

AV/KVM over IP Extension

An IP/PoE extender/repeater can transmit network signals from any device, and most AV/KVM extenders are network extenders that extend the distance over the network. You can use an IP/PoE extender/repeater as a network repeater when an HDMI extender over Cat5e falls short of the required transmission distance of AV over IP and KVM extension.

SC&T's IP/PoE Extender/Repeater

High Power PoE Repeater/Extender
per pcs
10/100/1000 Mbps
Full/Half Duplex
Jumbo Frame
IEEE 802.3af/at/bt
IEEE 802.3
Gigabit Ethernet Repeater/PoE Extender
120 M
per pcs
10/100/1000 Mbps
Full/Half Duplex

IP/PoE Extender Repeater, Ethernet Repeater Applications

IP PoE extender & PoE repeater that help extend PoE cameras' transmission distance

IP/PoE Camera Extension

Ethernet Repeater that helps with LAN extension in a residence, school, or company

LAN Extension (Workstation)

Monitoring Room using AV over IP and an Ethernet repeater to extend IP network

AV/KVM over IP

Passing IP network to IP PoE cameras, KVM extenders, and network devices via IP PoE extender and Ethernet Repeater

SC&T's IP/PoE Extender/Repeater Features

Compatible with Any TCP/IP Devices

You can use SC&T's IP/PoE extender/repeater with any TCP/IP devices in your system, such as IP/PoE cameras, LAN switches, and over IP transmitters and receivers, to transmit data and power to remote devices.

Make sure that your devices are equipped with the required bandwidth and PoE specifications.

Ethernet Repeater that helps with LAN extension in a residence, school, or company
VoIP Phone
PoE camera
Access control

Unlimited Number for PoE Repeater Chaining

You can connect SC&T's IP/PoE repeaters in series for an unlimited number. Each of the connected repeaters extends an additional length, which provides more possibilities for combination.

Power decreases over the number of chained devices.

PoE extender used with PoE Switch to extend PoE camera transmission over Cat5e
VoIP Phone Extender 1Gbps transmission rate

Up to 1Gbps, IEEE 802.3bt Standard

SC&T's IP/PoE extender/repeater supports a data transmission rate of up to 1Gbps, allowing you to transmit data fluently.

In addition, IP04R is equipped with the IEEE 802.3bt PoE standard and can be used with most PoE devices.

Plug and Play

You need not set up the device; just plug and use it.

Long Distance IP & PoE Extender Series

100 Mbps

Max Data Rate




Max Distance



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