HDMI Multiviewer & KVM Extender Solution

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Remotely Monitor and Control Multiple Devices

It is very convenient to manage multiple devices with an HDMI multiviewer that has a mouse-roaming function. You can easily control and display videos from more than 4 HDMI sources on one single screen.

Given that most NVRs and video equipment are placed in the server room, SC&T's solution combines the HDMI multiviewer and HDMI KVM extender to help you remotely control 4 PCs with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

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HDMI Multiviewer
HDMI Multiviewer 4x1 Seamless KVM Switch
KVM extender; keyboard, mouse, and video (monitor)
Display 4 devices on one quad view screen
4-port USB
4-Port USB 2.0 for Source Devices
Economical KVM Extender
HDMI CAT5e Extender USB Keyboard & Mouse 1080p 150M
over CAT5e/ CAT6
Professional KVM Extender
4K HDMI KVM Extender CAT5e/Fiber with IR/RS232
4K 30Hz 4:4:4
over CAT5e/ CAT6, over Fiber

HDMI Multiviewer & KVM Extender Applications

HDMI multiviewer and KVM extender used in the traffic control room help with control and monitoring.

Traffic Control Room

HDMI quad multiviewer is used for monitoring and control in the data center.

Data Center

HDMI multiviewer switch is used to monitor banking and trading.

Banking & Trading

HDMI multiviewer and KVM extender are applied in the command center.

Command Center

HDMI multiviewer switch and KVM extender application. Extended for 100m over cat5e and 60km over fiber optics.

The Versatile HDMI Multiviewer / USB KVM Switcher

4x1 HDMI KVM switch with 4 USB ports.4x1 HDMI switch multiviewer with 4 HDMI ports.
HKM41E - Front & Back View
4x1 HDMI multiviewer with KVM supports 4 HDMI input sources and 4 USB ports for the keyboard, mouse, and video (monitor).

4-Input HDMI Multiviewer

HKM41E supports up to 4 HDMI sources displayed in quad-view on one monitor.

Mouse Roaming

Connect your keyboard and mouse to the USB port on HKM41E, and you can move the mouse cursor across the quad view screen and directly control your PCs.

HDMI multiviewer with KVM supports mouse-roaming.
HDMI multiviewer multiple split-screen modes.

Multiple Screen Modes

HKM41E supports a variety of screen modes, including single-output, dual-output, and other split-screen modes. It is quick and easy to switch between screen modes with the panel buttons, remote controller, or keyboard hotkeys.

Flexible HDMI KVM Extenders

HDMI CAT5e Extender USB Keyboard & Mouse 1080p 150M
Medium Distance
CAT5e Network Cable
No IR remote control
No IR Remote Control
Wired mouse
Wired Mouse
4K HDMI KVM Extender CAT5e/Fiber with IR/RS232
Long Distance
CAT5e Network Cable / Single-Mode Fibre Optic Cable
IR remote control
IR Remote Control
Wireless mouse
Wireless Mouse
Microphone & speaker
Analog Audio Connection

Economical and Professional Solutions for Your Choice

How to connect an HDMI multiviewer switch and KVM extender diagram.

Economical HDMI KVM Extender

HKM01E can transmit HDMI and mouse & keyboard signals over a Cat5e network cable for up to 150 meters, which allows you to control 4 devices on a single quad-view monitor.

Wired mouse
Only support wired keyboard & mouse
Control video modes with hotkeys
Control video modes through hotkeys
Recommended extension distance
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HDMI multiviewer switch and KVM extender with audio extraction and embedding.

Professional 4K HDMI KVM Extender

HKM01-4K provides a longer transmission distance over a fiber optic cable for up to 60 kilometers and also 150 meters over a Cate5e cable. Moreover, HKM01-4K can also send analog audio and RS232/bi-directional IR for control.

Wireless mouse
Support wireless keyboard & mouse
IR remote control
Control video modes through IR remote
Recommended extension distance
Microphone & speaker
Connect additional mic & speaker
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