CCTV Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/Splitter

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Analog Video Distribution Amplifier Overview

Multi-Output Analog Signal Distribution

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Video Splitter can split CCTV analog video to multiple devices at one time.

By splitting a single analog signal into several analog streams, SC&T's distribution amplifier empowers users to monitor multiple locations simultaneously without compromising DVR recording.

Double-Ranged Distribution

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Video Splitter can split CCTV analog video and extend twice the distance.

Taking advantage of the extended reach inherent to analog coaxial transmission, SC&T's distribution amplifier offers an augmentation of the original signal's extension distance. Generally, transmission distances for HD TVI, AHD, and CVI signals range from 300-500 meters. When utilized with SC&T's distributor, this range can be effectively doubled.

Distributing & Amplifying for Long-Range Extension

Combining CCTV video splitter & amplifier, Analog Video Distribution Amplifier can extend transmission distance and split analog video signals at one time.

Some of SC&T's Video Distribution Amplifier/Splitter products incorporate amplification capabilities. This addition enables the extension of coaxial transmission to up to 1000 meters; the practical range may vary based on equipment testing.

Versatile Input-Output Options

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 4x8, 8x16, 16x32, 16x64.

SC&T's Video Distribution Amplifier/Splitter is available in various configurations of inputs and outputs. Options include 1 input and 2 outputs, 1 input and 8 outputs, and 16 inputs to 64 outputs. The 16-to-64 distributor can send signals from 16 cameras to 64 devices, with each camera split into 4 devices respectively, making it ideal for larger-scale applications.

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier Features

HDBaseT 4K uncompressed resolution.
Analog Video Distribution Amplifier supports various analog HD signals, including HD-TVI/AHD/HD-CVI/CVBS, etc.

Compatible with Various Analog Signals

Support TVI, AHD, HDCVI, CVBS, and even PAL and NTSC signals.

Up to 4K (8MP) Resolution

4K Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Splitter
Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Splitter with UTC (Up-The-Coax) function.

UTC (Up-The-Coax) Function

Allowing control signal transmission through the coaxial cable for remote adjustments and calibration.

Note: UTC functionality requires compatible cameras.

Built-in Lightning Protection

Equipped with built-in lightning protection for enhanced device safety.

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Splitter with built-in lightning surge protection.

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier Applications

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Splitter application: Large-scale, long-range projects.

Large-Scale, Long-Range Projects

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Splitter application: Factory production line surveillance.

Factory Production Line

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Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Splitter application: Warehouse monitoring system.

Warehouse Monitoring

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/BNC Splitter application: Highway CCTV camera systems.

Highway CCTV System

Analog Video Distribution Amplifier/Splitter Series

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SC&T conducts rigorous quality control and testing to ensure stable quality and reduce the need for maintenance and reinstallation. Our global customer complaint rate is below 0.1% in 2022, as we understand that integrators seek professional suppliers to save manpower and time on verification. 

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SC&T has extensive experience in assisting with system integration projects. If you want to consult about project requirements or encounter any difficulties with the product operation, you can contact SC&T's FAE engineers. In addition, a two-year product warranty comes with our products.

Detailed Cable Usage Guide

Users often face issues with underperforming extenders due to unsuitable cables. SC&T provides detailed cable usage suggestions and corresponding extension distances in the user manual, allowing you to select the correct cables.

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