Audio Extender & Ground Loop Isolator Solution

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SC&T's audio extenders support two audio formats: stereo and mono, both in analog format.

3.5mm stereo audio
RCA mono audio
Audio over Ethernet cable 600m
over Ethernet Cable

Analog Stereo Audio Extenders

SC&T's Audio Extender can extend audio signals up to 600m using twisted-pair Ethernet cables. It is ideal for spaces with large areas and a need for public broadcasting, such as schools and lecture halls.
Stereo Audio Extender CAT5e 600M, RCA/3.5mm Audio

Stereo/Mini Stereo Audio CAT5e Extender


  • Stereo audio over a network cable, 600M
  • RCA/3.5mm interchangeability
  • Switchable between stereo and mini stereo
  • No external power supply required
Analog Audio Cat5e Extender

Analog Audio CAT5e Extender


  • Mono audio over a twisted-pair cable, 600M
  • No external power supply required
  • Can be used with camera microphones for monitoring in control rooms

Ground Loop Isolator for Eliminating Noise

Audio interference could result from the 60-cycle hum noise due to the ground loop. SC&T's Audio Ground Loop Isolator can filter out ground loop noise and provide clean, interference-free sound.
Audio Ground Loop Isolator

Stereo Audio Ground Loop Isolator


  • Eliminates audio ground loop interference
  • Built-in 3.5mm male and female connectors

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Trusted ProAV/CCTV Manufacturer

With over 20 years of experience, SC&T has developed and produced over 300 CCTV and ProAV products. As a manufacturer with expertise in system integration, SC&T provides you with the best audio-visual transmission equipment and excellent consulting services.


Stable and Excellent Quality

SC&T conducts rigorous quality control and testing to ensure stable quality and reduce the need for maintenance and reinstallation. Our global customer complaint rate is below 0.1% in 2022, as we understand that integrators seek professional suppliers to save manpower and time on verification. 

After-Sales Service and Product Warranty

SC&T has extensive experience in assisting with system integration projects. If you want to consult about project requirements or encounter any difficulties with the product operation, you can contact SC&T's FAE engineers. In addition, a two-year product warranty comes with our products.

Detailed Cable Usage Guide

Users often face issues with underperforming extenders due to unsuitable cables. SC&T provides detailed cable usage suggestions and corresponding extension distances in the user manual, allowing you to select the correct cables.

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