HD/3G/12G-SDI to HDMI & HDMI to SDI Converter Solution

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SDI and HDMI are the predominant interfaces in today's studios, broadcasting, and television production environments. A convenient SDI to HDMI or HDMI to SDI converter can meet the high demand for streaming between the two interfaces in such scenarios.

SDI Converter Applications

Due to the high cost of professional SDI equipment, many opt for more easily accessible HDMI monitors as a substitute. In this case, an SDI to HDMI converter is practical.
Likewise, users may connect HDMI sources to their SDI monitors, where an HDMI to SDI converter is necessary.

Devices such as touch panels in industrial environments/control rooms often use DVI interface.

News Studios

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices often use DVI interfaces.

Operating Rooms

DVI is utilized in monitoring rooms.

Airfield Control Rooms

SDI Converter Features

HDBaseT 4K uncompressed resolution.
1920 x 1200 FHD

Support Up to 4K/12G-SDI

SDI01E-12G and SDI02E-12G support a resolution of 4K@60Hz for both HDMI and 12G-SDI, delivering the best image performance. They are also backward compatible with lower resolutions and can be used with older devices.

Low Power Consumption

With a power consumption of less than 5W, SDI01E-12G and SDI02E-12G can last for a long time even in outdoor environments.

Tech support.

Dual SDI Output

SDI01E-12G (SDI to HDMI) features a local SDI loop-out port, while SDI02E-12G (HDMI to SDI) provides dual SDI output. The two-SDI-port design enables the connection with the display and an additional device such as a switcher for broadcasting purposes.

DVI to HDMI, HDMI to DVI extension.

ASIC Chips

Both SDI01E-12G and SDI02E-12G adopt ASIC chips. ASIC chips are specialized processors designed for specific applications, which makes them more efficient and faster at performing particular tasks. They also consume less power and cost less than general-purpose processors.

Multiple Installation Options

You can choose different mounting options, such as Din-rail, wall-mounted, or rack-mounted. This flexibility lets you organize your audiovisual setup easily and keep your devices in order.

SC&T HDMI-SDI Converter Series

12G-SDI to HDMI Converter


  • 12G-SDI input compatible with 6G/3G/HD
  • HDMI output resolution up to 4K@60Hz

HDMI to 12G-SDI Converter


  • HDMI input resolution up to 4K@60Hz
  • 12G-SDI output compatible with 6G/3G/HD
HD/3G-SDI to HDMI Converter

HD/3G-SDI to HDMI Converter


  • 3G-SDI input compatible
  • HDMI output resolution up to 1080p@60Hz
  • Built-in BNC loop-out port for an additional SDI display or next SDI01.
HDMI to HD/3G-SDI Converter

HDMI to HD/3G-SDI Converter


  • HDMI input resolution up to 1080p@60Hz
  • 3G-SDI output compatible

SC&T 12G-SDI to HDMI Modules

For specific projects, integrators may choose to embed the converter directly into devices such as monitors. SC&T has extensive experience in collaborating with a diverse range of industries, from design to manufacturing, assisting our clients in integrating and creating products tailored to meet their specific needs. Our professional engineers and FAE team possess the expertise and experience to work alongside you in developing solutions that address your unique requirements. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with us.

12G-SDI to HDMI built-in modules

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