4K 60Hz HDMI Matrix Switching Solution

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The demand for video routing becomes higher and higher in commercial applications

We collect issues from our partners and list down our 4K60Hz HDMI matrix switches for you to quickly solve your problem.

4 in 2 out
HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2
IR/RS232 Control
Audio Extraction (TOSLINK/ RCA)
4 in 4 out
HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2
APP/Web GUI/IR/RS232 Control
Audio Extraction (S/PDIF)
10 in 10 out
HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2
APP/Web GUI/IR/RS232 Control
Audio Extraction (S/PDIF)
Reception Areas
Hospital Waiting Room


Intuitive control is the key

If your need to frequently switch multiple videos on different displays, the way of control is relatively critical. Therefore, the matrix switchers provide a variety of ways to meet different requirements. Everyone can use the devices without any training or knowledge.

APP, and Web GUI Control

In today's world, the Internet is a necessity for everybody. To allow you to control the matrix system using Ethernet, the matrix switches support Web GUI and mobile APP for efficient and easy control.

Scene and Preset

You can save multiple sets of video layouts to switch to the desired video layout for different scenarios immediately.

RS232, Panel Buttons, and IR Control

The solution also allows you to control the matrix switchers in both hard and easy ways. For professional use, you can control the device over the RS232 commands. Plus, users can simply push the panel buttons or IR remote to control the system.

Flexible Audio Connection

Audio Extraction

The audio effect of your display is typically inferior to the external audio output devices in terms of sound quality. However, external audio devices are used very often in most applications. Therefore, you can use SC&T's matrix switchers to enhance your audio experience. They support audio extraction functions that extract your audio from an HDMI source and send it to external audio output devices via S/PDIF/ TOSLINK interfaces.

ARC (Audio Return Channel)

ARC allows you to send an audio signal from a TV to an audio output device (AMP/ Sound Bar) over one HDMI cable, simplifying your audio system's cabling.


Both ARC and audio extraction functions can extract the audio signal and send it to the audio output device. However, the display device must support the ARC function to do the same work as the audio extraction function does.