Streamlining Yacht TV Systems with SC&T AV over IP

Streamlining Yacht TV Systems with SC&T AV over IP

Leveraging SC&T AV over IP for Yacht TV Systems

In the world of luxury yachts, seamless entertainment delivery is paramount. Our recent collaboration with a system integration partner in the Netherlands exemplifies how SC&T AV over IP technology revolutionized TV distribution systems aboard multiple yachts.

AV over IP application: HDMI over IP Extenders used in yacht TV streaming project.
  • In each yacht project, approximately 20 SC&T AV over IP devices, including 5 to 10 transmitters and receivers, were deployed to transmit TV signals to front-end displays.
  • Additionally, electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) data were seamlessly integrated into the AV over IP framework for synchronized access during live TV broadcasts.

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Yacht Satellite TV Systems

Given that yachts often venture far from land, traditional cable and wireless TV options are impractical. Satellite TV systems become the best option as they offer global coverage, allowing passengers and crew to access a wide range of channels and programming.

Satellite TV systems are essential for obtaining real-time information, such as weather forecasts, navigation data, and news updates, ensuring safe and informed navigation.

Yacht satellite TV systems employing HDMI over IP.
A TV set-top box.

Benefits of Using AVoIP Instead of Wireless Transmission

High-Quality and Stable Signals

AV over IP leverages wired network connections, ensuring stable signal transmission with minimal interference from other wireless devices. It offers low latency and minimal buffering, providing uninterrupted viewing experiences.

Enhanced Security

AV over IP, transmitted over physical network cables, mitigates the risks of signal tampering and unauthorized access, significantly improving security compared to wireless transmission methods.

User-Friendly Remote Control

AV over IP systems support remote control functionality, allowing users to switch channels seamlessly using their remote controls. This user-friendly feature requires minimal setup, preserving the convenience of remote control use.

Intuitive Setup

When integrating AVoIP systems, you can house equipment in cabinet drawers, with each layer of drawers clearly labeled with signal numbers. Users can easily recognize each unit with this design, which also simplifies configuration adjustments.

The HDMI over IP rack installed in the control room.

Yacht AV over IP Architecture

The yacht's satellite TV boxes are connected to an AV over IP transmitter, extending signals up to 100 meters via network cables to network switches. Similarly, all AV over IP receivers in the rooms are connected to network switches via network cables; this will be the fundamental AVoIP system setup.

AV/HDMI over IP diagram: How to connect AV over IP encoders & decoders.

Advantages of SC&T AVoIP for Yachts

Remote Control Convenience

SC&T AV over IP supports remote control operation; users can switch channels with a remote control or panel buttons on each unit. In emergencies, RS232 control signals can be sent from the control room to the receiver to control a specific channel displayed.

AV over IP remote control.

Near-End Output

In the yacht's control room, electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) are often set as a single channel. SC&T's AV over IP transmitters feature near-end output capabilities, which can send source signals to the control room's screen directly, eliminating the use of a splitter.

HDMI over IP loopout.

Client Feedback on Yacht AVoIP Solution

Why did you choose SC&T solution for your project?

There are a lot of products like this around, but this product gives the best value for the money it costs.

Do you set up the configuration following step-by-step instructions in our user manual? Do you find it difficult to follow them while setting up?

Because we have a big system where transmitters and receivers are a small part of it, we don't use the manuals. We put them on a tray and set the transmitter to the same channel ID as the tray number, this way it is easy for everyone to understand. To change this, we have our own system manager where you can manage your trays and choose which area watches which tray.

After applying our AV over IP solution, do you have any advice on our products or on our company?

Not really, the device gets used where it is made for.

Partner for the Project

SC&T's Partner: Mr. Smith in the Netherlands.

Mr Smith is a Dutch company with years of experience delevering easy to use full service entertainment systems for super yachts. Our product, LAVIE Systems, offers the most advanced solution in the industry at an affordable price. Years of experience in building systems for yachts differing in size from 30 to 85 meter has resulted in an integrated system that is guaranteed to deliver your favorite media content anywhere and anytime on your yacht.
Ricardo van de Rakt
Project Engineer

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October 4, 2023

Cable Used

Product Name


Power Source



1080p Distance

4K Distance

Optical Fiber Cable

HDMI Fiber Cable


(Reflection of Light)

Power From Source

Video/ Audio




HDMI Fiber Dongle Extender

Mini USB


300M/ 1KM

300M/ 1KM

Network Cable

HDMI CAT5e Dongle Extender


Power From Source

Video/ Audio




HDMI CAT5e Extender

External Power Supply

Video/ Audio




HDMI over IP Extender

Internet Protocol

External Power Supply

Video/ Audio




HDMI KVM over IP Extender*

Video/ Audio/ Keyboard/ Mouse



HDMI Cable

HDMI Repeater


External Power Supply

Video/ Audio




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