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IP07M Rev Aa192.pdf
IP07M Chainable IP & Power over Coaxial/Two Wire Extender

Chainable IP Extender with Power Over Coax/Two Wire

    • Extend IP camera signal with power over existing coaxial cable or any two wire cable.
    • Extend Ethernet or any TCP/IP devices up to 1.5Km.
    • Provide IP camera power up to DC12V 1Amp (12W) ,distance up to 500M.
    • Support chainable/ series/star connection up to 4 IP cameras.
    • Support 10/100BASE-T transmission rate.
    • When doing one camera to IP with Power installation, power source could select either from transmitter or receiver .
    • When doing series or star installation to send IP with power, each IP07M need external power adapter.
    • Perfect to upgrade the analog camera system into IP CCTV application.
    • IP07M Power Source Option Model:

DC48V 40W power adapter: SWP480830

DC56V 70W power adapter: SWP551260

Chainable IP Extender with Power Over Coax/Two Wire
IP07M IP Extender with power solution is designed to send and extend Ethernet network with power can be established using existing cables up to 500M. You can use a coax cable or two-wire cable (UTP cable, coax cable, telephone line, antenna cable, or bell wire). It is perfect solution to replace your analog camera with IP camera but using existing cable. IP07M could be a transmitter or receiver unit, with the special feature allow to do chainable/series/star connection up to 4 IP cameras. It is perfect solution for extended distance data and power transmission for warehouses, parking lots, campuses, casinos and many more.
Transmission Interface TERMINAL BLOCK 2 Pin x 1、 BNC x 1
Power input/output DC JACK 2.0mm x 2
Signal Output Selection SLIDE SWITCH x 1
Ethernet Connector RJ45 x 1
Ethernet Speed 10M /100 Mbps
Transmission Distance 1500 M (Max.)
Power Input DC 24V ~ DC 56V
Power Output DC 12V
Power Consumption 7W (Max)
Temperature Operation: 0 to 55℃, Storage: -20 to 85℃, Humidity: up to 95%
Dimensions    W x H x D mm 88 × 110 × 30
Weight g 250