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SC&T AV/KVM over IP Encoder

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Try out SC&T's AV over IP Extender to extend HDMI and USB over Ethernet (Cat5e/Cat6a...) cables, building an efficient HDMI over IP matrix.

Resolution 4k 30hz 4k 30hz 1080p 1080p
PoE over IP Yes N/A N/A
Audio Extract &
Image Image Image Image
IR/ RS232 Control Image Image Image Image
Fiber Module Image Image Image Image

Flexible Video over IP Solution

Replace Traditional HDMI KVM/USB Extender, Switch, and Matrix Switch

AV over IP is a flexible and powerful system that can easily switch and split signals with a 1G network switch. You can add the number of AV over IP encoder/decoder as desired and use uplink to connect more network switches. The flexibility of the over-IP system is helpful for future maintenance and system upgrades.

Specially Designed for System Integration Projects

AV over IP, HDMI over IP Video Wall demonstration. Up to 8x16 video wall.
8x16 TV wall
AV/KVM over IP 支援8x16電視牆
8x16 TV wall8x16 TV wall8x16 TV wall

Up to 8x16 Video Wall

SC&T AV over IP supports a video wall up to 8x16, 128 monitors.

HDBaseT 4K uncompressed resolution.
HDBaseT線為網路線材 相容性高

Custom Control Methods

Set up and switch scenes easily with IR, RS232, keypads, consoles, mobile apps, and PC software.

HDMI over IP app for custom settings.
B&W Video Wall Control II
Download B&W Video Wall Control II in App StoreDownload B&W Video Wall Control II in Google Play
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Support RS232 Host

SC&T AVoIP Encoder/Decoder can connect to various environmental control hosts through RS232. You only need to use our RS232 commands to operate all the devices with the environmental control host, which allows you to effectively manage and allocate your budget.

See Case Study
HDMI over IP supports RS232 hosts for custom environmental control systems.

Support HDMI over IP 4K / VGA / DVI

HDMI over IP, VGA and DVI over IP models with the up/down scaler function can display videos on any monitor from any desired source.

AV/KVM/HDMI over IP diagram. Flexible AV over IP matrix switching system. HDMI over VGA, HDMI over DVI supported.
Surge protection
Built-in Surge Protection
Audio extraction & embedding
Audio Extraction & Embedding
Mouse roaming
Mouse Roaming
One-year warranty
One-Year Warranty

AV/KVM over IP Applications

Explore how SC&T AV/KVM over IP Extenders are employed in various projects and applications.

AV/KVM over IP application diagram in the traffic control center. HDMI over IP connectiondiagram.
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Installation Tutorial Videos

SC&T provides comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials for users and integrators to install our AVoIP system. In addition, our professional FAE team can assist with your installation and consultation online.

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Affordable KVM over Ethernet Solution

In addition to AV/KVM over IP models, SC&T also features quality KVM over Ethernet Extender and HDMI USB Extender solutions.

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