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HDMI/DisplayPort KVM Extender Solution

A high-quality KVM extender maintains stable control over remote devices and saves costs on subsequent maintenance and equipment replacement.

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Comprehensive KVM Extender Models

SC&T KVM extenders come in a wide range of options, you can choose the appropriate product based on its interface, resolution, and USB version.

Among these models, HE02U-4K6G, DP02U-4K6G, and DP02U utilize HDBasaeT technology, ensuring uncompressed, zero latency transmission. Others are equipped with high-quality MIT chipsets, with an extremely low latency of 16ms, virtually invisible to the human eye.

4K 60Hz 4K 30Hz
4 port
ImageCAT6a, 100m ImageFiber, 60km; CAT6, 140m
HE02U-4K6G HKM01-4K
USB 1.1
2 port
ImageFiber, 1km ImageCAT6, 150m
DisplayPort USB 2.0
4 port
CAT6, 100m ImageCAT5e, 100m
DP02U-4K6G DP02U
1920p 60Hz 1080p 60Hz
4 port
ImageCAT6, 140m -
4 port
- ImageCAT6, 140m
Discontinued product.
AV/KVM over IP application diagram in the traffic control center. HDMI over IP connectiondiagram.AV/KVM over IP application diagram in the traffic control center. HDMI over IP connectiondiagram.
Discontinued product.
KVM over IP system applicationsAV over IP matrix application and connection diagram. AV over IP encoders/decoders used with HDMI matrix switch.

SC&T KVM Extender/Switch Application

You can also combine SC&T's HKM41E KVM Switch with the KVM extender to remotely control multiple devices. HKM41E is a 4-port HDMI KVM switch that supports multi-view and mouse roaming functionality, ideal to be installed in the server room and extended by a KVM extender, enabling control and monitoring multiple devices simultaneously.

KVM Switch used with KVM extender for remote control needs.Learn more

KVM Extender over IP for Matrix Switching & Extension

If your large-scale project requires KVM IP extenders with switching, splitting, and video walls, consider SC&T's AV/KVM over IP Solution. SC&T AV/KVM over IP system can integrate HDMI, VGA, and DVI signals for seamless switching between old and new devices with resolutions up to 4K@30Hz within the same Over IP system.


SC&T AV/KVM over IP products are extensively adopted and approved by governments, police and military units, and companies around Taiwan and the globe. Explore how our clients employ our AVoIP system and even pair it with our HDMI multiviewer.

Roadside Assistance Center
Traffic Control Center
Interrogation Training Center
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Why Choose SC&T?
Professional Audiovisual Manufacturer

SC&T is a professional manufacturer from Taiwan with reasonable prices and pre-sale/post-sale service for our partners.

of manufacturing excellence
Global Clients
in system integration and professional distribution
Primary markets in the US, Germany and Taiwan.
Germany, the US, & Taiwan
where our quality stands up to rigorous testing
SC&T AV over IP Encoder Manufacturer & Supplier from Taiwan. Products verified by system integration projects.
Verified by Projects
adopted and approved by governmental and private units

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