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IP02PHK.Rev A9e42.pdf
IP02PHK 4 Port PoE Camera Long Range Extender

4 Port POE camera over Coax/CAT5e Extender

  • Extender 4 channel IP/POE signal over coax or CAT5e cable.
  • Package includes IP02PH as transmitter connects to 4 port POE camera and IP02D as receiver to connect with network switch or NVR.
  • Transmission distance: 2KM over coax cable, 1.2KM over CAT5e/6.
  • IP02PH 4-Port 10/100Mbps with embedded PoE Injector.
  • IP02PH 1-Port BNC/RJ45 10/100Mbps to send and extend IP/POE camera signal or any TCP/IP devices.
  • Auto-sensing for detecting PoE or non-PoE devices.
  • Compatible IEEE 802.3af PoE standard.
  • IP02PH support external power supply DC48V-DC58V.
4 Port POE camera over Coax/CAT5e Extender
IP02PHK include 4 Port POE switch over coax as transmitter and one IP02D as receiver. It is an IP extender over coax or CAT5e solution with a four port POE switch. IP02PH could support up to 4 POE IP cameras, the PoE switch meet IEEE 802.3af standards with support up to 10/100 Mbps speed and powering network devices. With IP02PH 4 port POE Hub connect to IP02D as a receiver to extend 4 x IP video links. It come with RJ45 or BNC output which could use CAT5e cable up to 1.2KM either choose BNC coax cable up to 2KM.

With PoE installation of network devices such as IP surveillance cameras, wireless access points, IP phones, and other PoE enabled devices in hard-to-reach, outdoor, and remote areas is simplified.
Input/Output Connector BNC x 1 (75Ω) / RJ45 x 5
LED Indicator Power(Green) x 1, 10/100, Link/Act(Yellow) x5, PoE(Green) x4
PoE Port Power IEEE 802.3af Standard (1-Port 15.4 Watts/350mA)
External Power Supply DC 55.5V / 1.26Amp 70W
Power Consumption 5.5W
Temperature Operation:0 to 55°C, Storage:-20 to 85°C, Humidity:Up to 95%
Dimensions    W x H x D mm 167 × 110 × 40
Weight g 500

Link Cable Connector BNC x 1 (1 Vp-p,75 Ohm)
Link Cable Distance 2000M (Max) over Coax or 1200M over CAT5e/6
Ethernet Connector RJ45/BNC
Ethernet Cable Distance 100M (Max)
Ethernet Speed 10M / 100Mbps
Power Supply DC 5V / 2A
Power Consumption 750mA (Max)
Temperature Operation: 0 to 55℃, Storage: -20 to 85℃, Humidity: up to 95%
Dimensions    W x H x D mm 109.6 × 121.3 × 30
Weight g 260