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EP01 Easy POE - Passive
  • Send power to remote over unused pairs of 100baseT network cable.
  • Including 2 units/one pair, do not include power adapter.
  • Working distance depends on the power supply, cable type, and powered device.
Easy POE Transmission - Passive
The EP01 Easy Passive POE (Power Over Ethernet), uses unused pairs of 100baseT network cable to transmit power to remote. It is a low costs and easy solution of providing power for network products which do not support Power Over Ethernet. Such as IP cameras, access points, routers, modems, switchers, embedded computers or other network devices.
Over a short distance, its usually possible to use the power adapter of the powered device such as wireless AP, IP camera, etc. The working distance normally around 30 – 40 meters.
The real distance depends on the power supply, cable type and powered device.
Ethernet Connector RJ45
Ethernet Data Rate 10/100Mbps
Storage Temperature - 20 to 80 degree C
Operation Temperature 0 to 55 degree C
Humidity (non-condensing) 0 ~ 95%
Dimensions    W x H x D mm 69 × 25 × 22
Weight g 30