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Stereo Audio Ground Loop Isolator

  • Elimates audio signal Interference.

AE02GL is an audio ground loop isolator designed to reduce signal interference caused by voltage potential differences at the ground points between two devices.

Audio Equipment Got Noise? The Easiest Way to Solve It

Why Does Noise Happen?

Ground loops are a major cause of interference in audio and video systems. This is because when enough current is flowing in the connection between the two ground points that have different potentials, a ground loop is created to produce noise and hum sound in your audio system.

Connect to a Common Ground

To solve the issue, the ideal solution is to have the same ground reference potential between all connected devices. However, most of the professional installations do not have the condition to do it due to complicated cabling and wiring.

Use SC&T Ground Loop Isolator

Other than connecting a common ground, a ground loop isolator is another option. It uses an isolation transformer to cut the current flowing into the circuit and the ground loop will not be created to interfere.

SC&T Stereo Audio Ground Loop Isolator


AE02GL is one of our top sellers and has outstanding performance. it successfully removes countless ground loop issues for our partners around the globe.

Wide Range of Applications

Easily install it between a 3.5mm phone jack and an audio output device like microphones, and speakers to filter out the interference for CCTV/ audiovisual systems.

Low Insertion Loss

Insertion loss is the amount of energy that a signal loses as it travels along with a cable link. low insertion loss allows the signal to remain its performance with a slight reduction.

Time-saving Installation

It's hard to identify the real problem causing the interference in a professional and complicated A/V environment but AE02GL can effectively solve the problem by plug and play.

Video Ground Loop Isolator

There're types of ground loop isolators that can deal with not only audio but video interference, so it's important to select the right device to solve the real problem.

Active HD-TVI/AHD/HDCVI/CVBS Ground Loop Isolator

HD-TVI/AHD/HDCVI/CVBS Ground Loop Isolator

High-Performance Video Ground Loop Isolator
  • Elimates audio signal Interference.

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Audio Bandwidth

20 to 20KHz (-3dB)


@Ref 600 Ohm: @300Hz= ±0.35dB, @4Khz= ±0.35dB

Insertion Loss

@1KHZ, 0dBm

Return Loss

@Ref 600Ohm:: @300HZ= 20dB Min., @1Khz-22dB  Min., @4Khz= 22dB Min.

Turn Ratio

@18Khz, 1Vrms

Audio Input Impedance

600 Ω,12.3 Vrms

Ports & Interfaces

Audio Input/ Output

1 x 3.5mm Phone Jack, 1 x 3.5mm Phone Plug

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Stereo Audio Ground Loop Isolator

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