Taiwan Taoyuan/ Hsinchu District Court


Taiwan judiciary has been running on implementing technology court which aims to digitalize the judiciary system by injecting information technology, making the judiciary proceedings more efficient and accessible to the public. To achieve the digitalization of litigation, the Taoyuan and Hsinchu District Court, the organizations affiliated to judicial Yuan, prepared to upgrade their facilities to demonstrate interrogation transcripts and to send live recordings to the Cloud for storage. Thus, the camera video needs to turn into a HDMI signal for recorder and into a CVBS signal for capture card.


To convert the AHD signal to HDMI and CVBS signals at the same time. In many cases, the installers use a traditional approach which is inputting the AHD signal into DVR and outputting the HDMI and CVBS signal. However, the method may make expense go high and difficulties in installation.

SC&T’s Solution

AD001HD4 can not only convert AHD to HDMI signal but also output an extra CVBS signal, which sends 3 different signal at the same time.


  • Supports 4 mainstream signals for analog cameras.
  • HDMI/ VGA/ CVBS output at the same time.
  • Easy to hide the device.


HD-TVI/ AHD/ HDCVI/ CVBS to HDMI/ VGA/ CVBS Converter with loop out

「AD001HD4 is a versatile converter. It provides high flexibility and stability to perfectly solve my problem for multi signal conversion. We have bought 200 pieces of it and each piece work perfectly after installation and will definitely keep purchasing from SC&T.」

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