Taiwan Highway CCTV System Upgrade

CCTV Camera Renew Might be Not as Simple as We Thought

To change CCTV cameras from analogue to IP/ PoE, people typically replace DVRs with NVRs, and remove existing coaxial cables with Ethernet cables. However, it’s the most demanding part of the project for workers, especially working in harsh working environments.

The Requirement for CCTV Camera Upgrade

A system integrator aimed to upgrade all analogue CCTV cameras to PoE ones in a highway tunnel. However, the cables were installed beneath the tunnel ceiling, which made it much more difficult to change them, let alone find power supplies to enable CCTV cameras without power sockets around them.

After reevaluating the situation, the engineers started looking for a solution that can send the PoE signal over existing coaxial cables and also meet the requirement below:

  • Over 300M PoE transmission distance, from engine room to camera end.
  • High network bandwidth to provide steady 4K video transmission for monitoring.
  • Easy installation, shortening working time to prevent construction accidents on the highway.
  • Good thermal dissipation, can work perfectly even though the device is covered with dust.

SC&T’s 90W High Power PoE over Coaxial Extender

IP09CP can extend the PoE signal over coaxial cable, which saves the time for replacing existing cable. Additionally, the extender can provide up to 90 watts of power to enable a variety of PoE cameras and support up to 100Mbps network bandwidth to transfer 4K video (approximately 15~32Mbps)


Main Features:
  • Sends PoE over Coaxial Cable.
  • Transmission Distance up to 800M.
  • Power up to 90 Watts.
  • Bandwidth up to 100Mbps.

We also have a standard model, IP09P PoE over Ethernet cable extender with the same features as IP09CP.

Why Choosing SC&T While Having Multiple Options

Of course, daisy chaining PoE repeaters and PoE switches can still have the same result. Also, other brands’ PoE extenders can be one of the options. However, these solutions have critical shortcomings as below.

  • High cost for multiple PoE repeaters
  • Require multiple power supplies
  • Require multiple storage spaces for devices
  • Short transmission distance
  • Insufficient power in a long distance
  • Time-consuming installation

What’ve been Achieved with SC&T’s Products

  • No cable reinstallation, time saving.
  • Advanced heat dissipation ability, low chance of malfunctioning.
  • Easy maintenance, only need to maintain the devices at two end-points and identify problems via LED indication.
  • Steady signal transmission, more precisely identifying incidents without signal interruptions.

SC&T PoE over coaxial solution helps the system integrator to solve the PoE transmission issue for CCTV upgrade project and finish the work 6 days before the expected date.

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