Traffic Control Center, New Taipei City, Taiwan


As one of the biggest cities in Taiwan, the city has millions of vehicles and scooters traffic on a daily basis and more than 27,000pcs of CCTV cameras had been installed around the area with only 2,053 km². To come up with the trending IoT application, the city hall planned to establish a control center and to bring all the traffic data to a cloud-based platform to better deal with the traffic congestion issue using a more efficient management methodology. Meanwhile, the up-to-date traffic information would also be an open resource to the public to avoid traffic collision.


The control center required 24 desktops to allow operators to observe the Live traffic flow around the city, providing them accessibility to switch CCTV videos among the 27,000 cameras. In response to different traffic conditions, quad-view that contained CCTV videos and traffic information have to be presented on 5 big touch screen TV for the supervisor to make proper and timely decisions based on the current traffic condition. Let's see how the project worked out using 2 AVoIP setups.

SC&T's Solution

Building an AVoIP System

The system integrator applied SC&T's 4K HDMI KVM over IP extender to build up an AVoIP system that contains 24 transmitters, 20 receivers, and a gigabit Ethernet switches to establish the first AVoIP system, allowing the users to freely route all video sources to remote displays.

HDMI Displays on Local and Remote Ends

Since both the PC and touch screen sides need to be displaying videos for the operators and the supervisor, the transmitter can be the perfect fit for the requirement. It can use the built-in loop-out port to connect a local HDMI monitor for the operator while remains the connectivity of an HDMI output to bring the video onto the HDMI TVs at the remote end.

Making Quad-view an HDMI Source for Second AVoIP System

To perform multiview function for the supervisor to review the traffic condition, the system integrator used SC&T's 4 in 4 out HDMI matrix switcher. In order to route multiple quad-views onto HDMI touch screen TVs, the matrix switcher has to connect with another AVoIP system that contains 4 transmitters, 5 receivers and a gigabit Ethernet switch to put the multiview video on touch screen TVs among 4 sources over network.

Linking Two Ethernet Switches

Except for the Multiview function, the supervisor has to be able to switch videos between 24 PC sources. Therefore, the system integrator linked two Ethernet switches over fiber to combine two AVoIP system together. By doing so, user at the command desk can control each of PCs at the workstation over the network.

Connection Diagram

Partner for the Project

Xing Cheng System

SC&T has been doing a great job in providing products with stable performance. In this project, the AVoIP system once again helped us to build the complicated A/V system. During the installation, SC&T was very helpful to provide insightful suggestions and solve technical issues for us. It's another great experience working with the company.

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