CF-PW150-6 2 x 6 Matrix Speaker Selector Switcher 150W
  • Autoformer impedance compatible design as high quality sound effect.
  • Low electric power consumption, not easy generating heat.
  • High electric power uses 50W/channel (RMS) total of 300W and 150W/channel (Music Power).
  • 4Ω and 8Ω can be used for speaker systems.
  • Advanced connector can load 16-22 AWG capacity of speaker cable.
CF-PW150-6 operation method is very easy. First all, it can input A or B AMPLIFIER, 6 independent sets of A or B switch selection, and pressing down A/B switch selection as B AMPLIFIER, and pressing up A/B switch selection as A AMPLIFIER at the same time. Moreover, 6 sets of ON/OFF function selection are independent, pressing down as ON and pressing up as OFF. Please remember that CF-PW150-6 is an automatic impedance compatible design. Therefore, it should be correctly input, no matter what
ITEM NOInputsPairsVolume ControlPower
50W(RMS) 100W(RMS)
150W (Music) 300W (Music)
CF-PW150-4 2 4   v  
CF-PW150-6 2 6   v  
CF-PW152-2V 2 2 v v  
CF-PW152-4V 2 4 v v  
CF-PW152-6V 2 6 v v  
CF-PW160-10V 2 10 v v  
CF-PW150-4V 2 4 v v  
CF-PW150-6V 2 6 v v  
CF-PW302-4V 2 4 v   v
CF-PW302-6V 2 6 v   v