AE02GL Stereo Audio Ground Loop Isolator


  • Stop the humm in your speakers.
  • Provides superior audio performance.
  • Totally preserves your audio signal.
  • Breaks the electrical ground between audio components, no path for current flow.
  • Compatible with all audio components.
  • Ideal for multiple amplifier installations.
AE02GL Stereo audio Ground Loop Isolator is a passive device which reduce ground Loop interference with audio system and can easily install in a new or added to existing systems. Ground loops are caused by voltage potential differences at the ground point on your equipment. It works by breaking the earth between your computer or audio components and stereo so there is no path for current from an electrical imbalance to flow. This prevents your speakers from humming, It is a simple and effective way of eliminating ground loop issues.
Audio Input, Output 3.5mm Stereo Phone Jack
Audio Input Impedance 1.0Vp-p , 75 Ohms
Audio Bandwidth 20-20K Hz (-3dB)
Insert Loss @1KHZ, 0dBm
Return Loss @Ref 600Ohm:: @300HZ= 20dB Min., @1Khz-22dB Min., @4Khz= 22dB Min.
Frequency Response @Ref 600 Ohm: @300Hz= ±0.35dB, @4Khz= ±0.35dB
Turn Ratio @18Khz, 1Vrms
Connector 2 x RCA gold-plated male connector
Temperature Operation: 0 to 55℃, Storage: -20 TO 85℃, Humidity: up to 95%
Dimensions     W x H x D mm 552*29*25 mm(with cable 25.4cm&25.4cm)
Weight                   g 50 g