Campus Security Camera System Upgrade

Campus Security Camera System Upgrade

Using 1 Underground Coaxial Cable to Supply 3 PoE Cameras Including Speed Dome

Use a coaxial cable extender for IP cameras, PoE cameras, and Speed dome cameras.

Replacing Old HD Cameras

Chung Shan Medical University (CSMU) was changing its outdoor HD cameras to PoE cameras on the campus and speed dome cameras on the main lanes. The speed dome cameras with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology help with vehicle management on the campus.

The installation area is about 3-4 hectares, with two server rooms where NVRs are placed and one outdoor junction box.

Upgrade the security camera system for the college campus.

Challenges and Limitations

The Old Coaxial Cable and More New Cameras

While CSMU changed their HD camera to PoE, the original coaxial cables remain since replacing them with ethernet cables would be costly. On the other hand, more cameras are added to each spot, but it is also hard to connect more cables due to the limit of the existing cable tube. Consequently, they adopted Ethernet over Coax (EoC) technology and one-to-multiple extenders to transmit signals from multiple PoE cameras.

4-port PoE extenders are used to transmit multiple camera signals.
Using a 4-port PoE extender to send PoE camera signals over coaxial cables and a PoE switch to send signals over fiber to NVR.
Transmit PoE camera signals using a 4-port PoE extender to send signals to NVR.

Power Supply

CSMU needs 78 PoE cameras and 12 speed-dome cameras, which require a certain amount of power supply. As the outdoor power supply is limited, they have to send power directly from the server room and junction box.

Long-Range Transmission

A long-range transmission is required for a 3 hectares area. In this case, it is 150m.

Configuration of the security camera system on the campus.
Configuration of the security camera system on the campus.

SC&T Ethernet over Coax Solution

1-In-4-Out Power over Coax Extender

IP09CPHK is a 1-in-4-out PoE extender kit that can transmit Ethernet/IP over coaxial cables with 100Mbps bandwidth. It can thus utilize the existing coaxial cables and send power from the receiver in the server room and the junction box.

90W Long Range 4-Port PoE Extender over Coax

44W High Power Supply

SC&T's PoC extenders can afford the bandwidth and power for both PoE and speed dome cameras.

  • PoE cameras: 1 - 2.5Mbps bandwidth and 9.6W power supply.
  • Speed dome cameras: 2.5Mbps bandwidth and 25W power supply.

With IP09CPR connected to a 48V adapter in the junction box, IP09CPHK can supply 44W power over the current RG6U coaxial cable for 200m. This power can afford 4 PoE cameras or a speed dome and 2 PoE cameras.

How to send PoE cameras over coaxial cables diagram.
Cable Power Source 200M
RG6U 48V 120W Power Adapter at IP09CPR 44W

The Junction Box for Extension and Power Supply

For longer transmission, adapters in the junction box add power to transmit signals back to the server room. IP09PH can transmit signals from 4 PoE cameras to IP09CPR in the junction box; with the 48V adapters inside, signals are transmitted over the switch to the NVRs in the server room. In this case, 6 IP09CPHKs are applied to connect up to 24 PoE cameras.

PoE extender transmitters are placed in the outdoor junction box.

Transmission to the Server Room

PoE cameras within 100m are directly connected to the server room via IP09CPHK.

Customer Feedback: Resolving Time and Cabling Issues

SC&T Ethernet over Coax Solution helps accomplish CSMU's security camera system upgradation with several advantages:

  • Saving time and cabling process.
  • Using the existing coaxial cables underground for new PoE cameras.
  • Supplying enough power and bandwidth for PoE and speed dome cameras.
An Ethernet over Coax PoE Extender can save time and cost.

SC&T's Advantages as a Manufacturer

SC&T is a professional audio-visual and surveillance transmission tool manufacturer that works with over 5,000 system integrators and distributor partners around the globe. We have 20 years of experience assisting with system integration projects and can provide efficient technical support for products and on-site installations.


YANKEES is the expert on audio-visual, network, and surveillance system integration and has served schools, colleges, companies, and construction project customers for 20 years.

February 24, 2023

Cable Used

Product Name


Power Source



1080p Distance

4K Distance

Optical Fiber Cable

HDMI Fiber Cable


(Reflection of Light)

Power From Source

Video/ Audio




HDMI Fiber Dongle Extender

Mini USB


300M/ 1KM

300M/ 1KM

Network Cable

HDMI CAT5e Dongle Extender


Power From Source

Video/ Audio




HDMI CAT5e Extender

External Power Supply

Video/ Audio




HDMI over IP Extender

Internet Protocol

External Power Supply

Video/ Audio




HDMI KVM over IP Extender*

Video/ Audio/ Keyboard/ Mouse



HDMI Cable

HDMI Repeater


External Power Supply

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