Taiwan Power Company Conference Room


Taiwan Power Company, the Government department of Taiwan, was looking for a new HDMI matrix switcher to replace the old one and to work with the meeting room equipment, including 2 HDMI monitors, an industrial PC, a wireless presentation, and a video conferencing system for online meeting.


Because of introducing the video conferencing system into the meeting room, the old matrix switcher could no longer provide enough HDMI inputs to support the meeting room equipment. Additionally, the company staff was unfamiliar with the control of these devices. Therefore, intuitive control becomes relatively important.

SC&T Solution

HS10M 10 in 10 out HDMI Matrix Switcher

HS10M not only supports resolution up to 4K@30Hz but also can smoothly switch channels by multiple controls, including the front panel buttons, IR remote, and WEBGUI to cater to different requirements. However, people start to do things using electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, we make the matrix switcher mobile APP controllable. Besides, HS10M has the “Scene” function that allows users to set the layout of video channels and to restore those settings by one click.


「We had an opportunity to meet SC&T at a trade show and found that their HDMI matrix switcher might be the right solution for us. So we purchased it right away. The product is good and well performed. More importantly, our associates who have little understanding about audiovisual devices can easily use it.」

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New HS10M-4K6G is a better version of HS10M. It supports resolution up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 with the latest HDR standard, ARC, HDMI audio extractor function to connect to an amplifier. Furthermore, each HDMI port has a cable lock to firmly fix the connection.

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