Taoyuan International Airport Parking Garage


One of the biggest parking space leasing companies in Taiwan was about to improve customer experience by assisting customers to find parking spots more quickly. The company intended to settle counting signs to show the number of empty parking lots, which helps customers save the time wasted in looking for parking space.


The company used a parking management system, an RS485 communication device, to deliver parking information to counting signs. However, the cabling between the parking management system and counting signs was fully set and would be a laborious task if changing the cabling structure. So the company had no choice but to look for alternatives to solve the problem. After brainstorming with colleagues, the engineer figured out that the parking building had an existing TCP/ IP system. Therefore, the team could easily overcome the cabling issue as long as the data could transfer via TCP/ IP signal.

SC&T’s Solution

RS007 RS232/RS485/RS422 to TCP/IP Converter

RS007 can convert RS232, RS485, or RS422 signal to TCP/IP signal and work with a router to transfer data to merely unlimited distance. This practice integrates the RS485 signal into the IP system and overcomes the difficulty in cabling. Additionally, RS007 can establish virtual COM ports to address the problem of limited numbers of RS232 ports on a PC.

Application Diagram