Emergency Response Center in Taiwan Transport Hub

What is ERC (Emergency Response Center)?

ERC, also known as Emergency Response Center, is a mandatory facility for commercial establishments per Taiwan's public safety regulation. It contains a variety of building management systems, including broadcast, fire alarm, AC, lighting, CCTV, gas, earthquake detection systems, and so on. Each is coordinated and controlled by security staff to take necessary actions in response to unexpected activities in the building.

Emergency Response Center


The transport hub is a 30 story building and approximately 16529 ㎡, possessing 28 elevators, 32 escalators, 26 staircases, 690 CCTV cameras, and over 110K visitors per day. Since three organizations share the ownership of the transport hub and have respective CCTV systems, it's hard for them to use virtual integration due to information sensitivity. To secure the visitors and the property more carefully, the organizations built a emergency response center and assigned respective agents to monitor the whole building.

Taiwan Transport Hub


The CCTV system includes several HDMI monitors and a 3 x 3 TV wall at the ERC, and has 10 PCs at the data center, each location is 500M apart. The security team used extenders to send signals from data center and used a KVM switch to switch different CCTV videos.

However, the approach was not user-friendly. Since only one monitoring spot can switch videos, the working efficiency got compromised for the security team.

Original AV Infrastructure

SC&T's Solution

HKM02B - 1080p HDMI over IP Extender

SC&T's HKM02B is an HDMI over IP extender that can use an Ethernet switch to extend, distribute, switch, and route multiple HDMI signals by applying different amount of encoders and decoders.

The system integrator used several HKM02BT, HKM02BR and Ethernet switches to establish a professional CCTV system with a 3 x 3 TV wall. It allows each security member to effortlessly switch between different AV sources at their monitoring spots and remain full access to control remote PCs.

SC&T's AV over IP Infrastructure


With the solution, the security staff can not only monitor every corner of the building but also has flexible control over multiple management systems. It also opens up opportunities for future expansion without hardware limitations.

Why Choosing SC&T?


There are too many products whose performance are not what's been promoted.

As opposite to the counterparts in the market, we design and develop products carefully and test and verify them in a higher standard in order to provide solid and reliable solutions for our partners.

Proven by Market

A lot of products can be found on the Internet, but too many options can also disturb you from choosing the most suitable. Only the one that has been tested and applied in real projects can demonstrate its values to the market. Our AV over IP solution is such. it's been widely used in over 100 projects in Taiwan and more than 1,000 around the globe. Given that, our partners recommended our AV over IP solution for a system integrator to use it in the transport hub, which ended up with a decent outcome.

SC&T AV over IP Solution

Differences between Models

SC&T's AV over IP system is a diverse one. It can use different models to mix different signals with different resolutions to meet specific requirement for your project. Let's find the models best to your project and custom your own AV over IP system with SC&T!

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