CF-PW160-10V 2 x 10 Matrix Speaker Selector Switcher 150W Volume Control
  • Manual impedance compatible design as high quality sound effect.
  • Low electric power consumption, not easy generating heat.
  • Speaker power: 50W/channel (RMS) and 150W/channel (Music Power).
  • 4Ω and 8Ω can be used for speaker systems.
  • Removable connector can load 12-22 AWG capacity of speaker cable.
  • Dimension: 430(W) x 194(D) x 66(H) mm
CF-PW160-10V 10pairs speaker selector is easy in operation with following steps:

1)Connect the amplifier sources to inputs A and B

It’s important to preset the amplifier/receiver volume at it’s lowest level before  setting system volume as referring to the mentions on paragraph 4.

2)Connect the speakers as you desire to the rear speaker outputs and ensure

the volume on/off button to be set at off position before doing connection.

 It’s important to select right the number from the impedance matching pair selector at the rear being correspondent correctly to the quantity of the speakers that have been connected to the unit.

3)Press A/B button to select the source amplifier A or B.

 Press down the A/B button to select the source B or up to get source A.

4)Press down the on/off button to turn the speakers on independently for each

zone according to your favorite.

5)Turn clockwise the volume rotary knob to gain the sound level you desire or counter-clockwise to decrease the volume and enjoy the music everywhere you like in your home.

ITEM NOInputsPairsVolume ControlPower
50W(RMS) 100W(RMS)
150W (Music) 300W (Music)
CF-PW150-4 2 4   v  
CF-PW150-6 2 6   v  
CF-PW152-2V 2 2 v v  
CF-PW152-4V 2 4 v v  
CF-PW152-6V 2 6 v v  
CF-PW160-10V 2 10 v v  
CF-PW150-4V 2 4 v v  
CF-PW150-6V 2 6 v v  
CF-PW302-4V 2 4 v   v
CF-PW302-6V 2 6 v   v