RPT-204-2 IR Repeater Distributor with two IR emitter & two IR blaster power

2 in 4 out IR repeater

The RPT-204-2 is a device connecting IR receivers, power supply and emitters together, extend to interface the IR system to audio / video components. This central control unit for the IR system is built with an amplifier circuit for driving IR emitters or high - powered IR blasters. A Terminal connector and a unique quad 3.5 mm mini-phone type jack make installation easy. That requires regulated 12 V DC 1.2A power supply. This item is also available as a kit that includes everything you need to get started with IR distribution - IEC-3501(A~F) / 3502(A~F) / 3501G, IR receiver system…etc. Each device supports one IR receiver and up to 4 emitters or 2 emitters/2 blasters emitters. Power your system with 12 V DC 1.2 A regulated power supplies.

  • The RPT-204-2 repeater can provides 6 IR distribution inputs when paralleled with 3 RPT-204-2 systems.
  • The Emitter output can run 2 IR blasters.
  • The RPT-204-2 is built with an Amplifier circuit for driving IR emitters or high powered IR blasters.
  • The RPT-204-2 control distance can provide up to 400M lengths of wire between IR set to RPT-204-2 system when switching NET ON.
  • The “ST OUT” can provides a status power from 12 volt trigger output or wall type power supply into a display unit.
  • NET Amp circuits can provide better performance for high data rate of IR codes transportation.