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MinI Video Transceiver BNC Male to screw terminal 10 piece/one box pacakge.

GL001 (GL001)

Coaxial Video Ground Loop Isolator built in Video BALUN.

GL001 (GL001)

Coaxial Video Ground Loop Isolator built in Video BALUN.

GL001 (GL001)

Coaxial Video Ground Loop Isolator built in Video BALUN.




150W 4 Pair Speaker Selector with Volume Control

Product ID: CF-PW150-6V

150W 6 Pair Speaker Selector with Volume Control


CF-PW150-6V operation method is very easy.  First all, it can input A or B AMPLIFIER, 6 independent sets of A or B switch selection, and pressing down A/B switch selection as B AMPLIFIER, and pressing up A/B switch selection as A AMPLIFIER at the same time. Moreover, 6 sets of ON/OFF function selection are independent, pressing down as ON and pressing up as OFF. There are 6 sets of sound level control and OFF function independently, turning the first step as OFF and sound level control from left to right.  Sound levels will follow switch level getting louder and enjoying high quality sound. Please remember that CF-PW150-6V is an automatic impedance compatible design.  Therefore, it should be correctly input, no matter what kind of combination is.


(1). Autoformer impedance compatible design as high quality sound effect.

(2). Low electric power consumption, not easy generating heat.

(3). High electric power uses 50W/channel (RMS) and 150W/channel (Music Power).

(4). 4Ω and 8Ω can be used for speaker systems.

(5). Push-type connector can load 16-22 AWG capacity of speaker cable.

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ITEM NO Inputs Pairs Volume Control Power
50W(RMS) 100W(RMS)
150W (Music) 300W (Music)
CF-PW150-4 2 4   v  
CF-PW150-6 2 6   v  
CF-PW152-2V 2 2 v v  
CF-PW152-4V 2 4 v v  
CF-PW152-6V 2 6 v v  
CF-PW160-10V 2 10 v v  
CF-PW150-4V 2 4 v v  
CF-PW150-6V 2 6 v v  
CF-PW302-4V 2 4 v   v
CF-PW302-6V 2 6 v   v

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